In an interview for Vogue magazine, the founder of Smart Aging Clinic, Klaudia Witczak, says: "The #UNBOTOXED idea comes from the fact that I don't like to impose on others how they should look. Our facial features are our story, and only we should decide whether we want to change them”.

The slogan Stay #UNBOTOXED is meant to encourage replacing quick, invasive, and often complication-prone solutions with safer alternatives, and to encourage people to maintain their own individuality. Instead of botox and fillers, the clinic offers signature solutions that help maintain a beautiful and healthy skin appearance for years to come.

Skin workout instead of botox and fillers

Smart Aging Clinic encourages regular skin workout, which involves systematic training of the skin using non-invasive laser boosters. The aim is to teach the skin the process of autoregeneration and to remember this habit so that it ages slower and more gracefully. Klaudia Witczak compares this process to muscle training at the gym and emphasizes that regularity is key, just like in muscle training.

Smart Aging Clinic focuses on using professional tools and bio-compatible products in the right hands to stimulate the skin's repair processes without interfering with the facial features. „We have abandoned quick and dangerous solutions in favor of smart and systematic skin care in line with the Smart Aging philosophy, as modern medicine now fully enables us to do so", says Klaudia Witczak.

You are OK!

Smart Aging Clinic isn't afraid to break the norms and spreads the idea that wrinkles are OK, taking a clear stance in the discussion on current beauty standards and the fight against aging. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating kindness towards oneself and calls for the protection of our individuality, which makes us unique.

"Stay #UNBOTOXED is an encouragement to engage in social discussion about the role of self-acceptance in a world dominated by pressure to look perfect, and is also a strong voice of support for all self-development methods that strengthen this self-acceptance, contributing to a healthier and more autonomous life, regardless of external opinions", says Klaudia Witczak.

Your skin – your decision

The Stay #UNBOTOXED campaign calls on doctors to educate their aesthetic medicine clients about the products they use, and encourages clinic customers to boldly set boundaries when making decisions about their appearance.

"We can only explain what modern regenerative medicine is and that quick and short-term methods of improving ourselves or others are often a dangerous and addictive path to nowhere. However, we do not have the right to impose such a decision on anyone - ultimately, we ourselves decide which path we want to take", adds Klaudia Witczak.

No matter what we decide, it's worth making this decision independently, without the pressure of social media, the environment, or finally - the doctor, carefully verifying the products or devices used, because our skin belongs to us.