Can beauty, in its purest form, be defined? What constitutes human beauty: perfect symmetry, ideal facial features, or perhaps authenticity and truth? Is beauty just a copy-paste job?



Consistently, we aim to change how beauty is perceived. We presented our mission during a special panel accompanying the current campaign of the "Beauty is not copy-paste" clinic. The meeting, organized by Klaudia Witczak, founder of Smart Aging Clinic and advocate of the #unbotoxed movement, took place at Concept 13 restaurant, gathering notable personalities and experts from various fields, pointing out the need for changes in the approach to beauty and women's sense of self-worth.

Panelists - actress Olga Bołądź, sociologist and psychologist Joanna Heidtman, model Marta Dyks, and event initiator Klaudia Witczak, along with Anna Jurgaś as the discussion moderator, shared their experiences and views on true beauty and its role in culture and society. The discussion focused on the brand's nurtured foundations of self-worth such as identity, autonomy, and authenticity, as well as the pressure to be beautiful that young women feel today.


Klaudia Witczak, founder of Smart Aging Clinic, emphasized: "I created this brand out of concern for all women, especially the very young ones, who often, from a sense of shame and inadequacy, allow others to cross their boundaries in order to earn someone's acceptance or belong to a group. I hope that initiatives like this one, as well as the podcast series 'Conversations Without Corsets,' which I created together with Joanna Heidtman, will become a safe space for discussions about the foundations of women's self-worth and will replace the feeling of inadequacy with kindness towards oneself."

The "Beauty is not copy-paste" event was accompanied by an exhibition of photos for the current Smart Aging Clinic campaign by photographer Piotr Stokłosa, under the same title, recognizing female beauty in diversity and nonconformity.

Unfortunately, statistical data leaves no illusions, and the facts that contemporary aesthetic medicine puts pressure on increasingly younger generations speak for themselves. According to a report by Laboratoires Vivacy Polska, as many as 23% of women undergoing aesthetic medical procedures are aged 18-30, and procedures using botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) account for a staggering 92% of all performed procedures.

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