Idealized ideals distort our perception of beauty. We want to emphasize what should be entirely obvious — the true foundation of beauty lies in authenticity because who we really are cannot be replicated.

"Beauty is not copy-paste" was an exceptional event held by the Smart Aging Clinic on March 1st. We unveiled beauty and femininity in their most authentic - because less obvious - form.

The panel discussion, which was the main part of the event, was led by Ania Jurgaś, a fashion editor, coach, and influencer. She was joined by exceptional women: Joanna Heidtman, Olga Bołądź, Marta Dyks, and Klaudia Witczak, the owner of Smart Aging Clinic. The discussion on beauty was an opportunity for the exchange of views and experiences, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and individuality.

During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to see a unique photo exhibition by Piotr Stokłosa, featuring Angelika Wierzbicka and Marta Dyks in the lead roles, as part of the "Beauty is not copy-paste" campaign.

This initiative emphasizes that beauty is not a monolith and cannot be encapsulated in a uniform template. Every woman is unique, and her beauty is an individual narrative, unparalleled and authentic. The campaign photos are a manifesto of this idea, showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of the feminine self.

Perhaps replacing the reflexive pursuit of youth with the celebration of unconventional individuality, which is the essence of our unique DNA, would be a worthwhile endeavor? 

The "Beauty is not copy-paste" campaign is also reflected in the "UnboTalks" podcast series, where topics related to female beauty and its various aspects are discussed. These are conversations about self-worth and its foundations such as identity or autonomy, which are essential parts of the entire project, providing a deeper understanding of the brand's mission and its #unbotoxed ideology, serving as its starting point. Because everything important and beautiful begins with a conversation.