Dr Pamela Sahawneh

"I work in accordance with the #UNBOTOXED  idea because it is important for me to maintain facial expressions and express emotions freely. I am against correcting the appearance  using synthetic substances. If you want to avoid the use of synthetic substances, ask your doctor for the exact composition of the product. Your skin belongs to you - you have the right to decide".

Dr Ada Nowatorska – Bourget 

"I am a supporter of the #UNBOTOXED idea created by Smart Aging Clinic because I value naturalness. As a doctor, I know that botulinum toxin and fillers are associated with complications and are only temporary solutions. I believe in regular skin workout".

Dr Edyta Lech – Kasprowicz 

"Aging is a natural process of the body that cannot be avoided. As a doctor, I am convinced that to look good, one does not need to interfere with facial features using botulinum toxin or fillers. Let's age with dignity. Let's take preventive care of our skin before it gets damaged, while also thoroughly verifying the products or devices our doctors use. Our appearance is our decision. Let others not make it for us".

Dr Ewelina Gulas

"I support the #UNBOTOXED idea initiated by Smart Aging Clinic because in my daily work, I do not use botulinum toxin, synthetic filling substances such as L-polylactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or cross-linked hyaluronic acid. I am a supporter of natural stimulation of the skin's self-renewal, as I know that modern regenerative medicine fully enables us to do so".

Dr Mirella Ziomek

I chose the Smart Aging Clinic because it is the only aesthetic medicine clinic in Poland that does not offer its clients botulinum toxin and synthetic fillers. Our motto is unenhanced naturalness, and the entire team of doctors is faithful to this idea. By creating treatment plans based on skin autoregeneration, we have become an alternative for those who want to take care of themselves but do not want to undergo enhancements".