"The #UNBOTOXED idea is about embracing imperfect naturalness - something that is unforced, authentic, and unique. It takes courage to be unconventional and free in our choices, regardless of the voices coming from our surroundings.

Unfortunately, in today's world full of botox and fillers, naturalness has lost its original, pristine meaning. It has become artificial, altered and flawless - in short, fake. We have lost it somewhere along the way to an ideal, retouched world without weaknesses.

I believe that the essence of our lives lies in following our own path, according to our own unique signposts, with the courage to be different and make autonomous decisions. This is the only way we have a chance to remain ourselves.

The #UNBOTOXED idea is a call to fight for this true naturalness, and I hope that by standing up for it together we can recover it".

Klaudia Witczak, the creator of the #UNBOTOXED idea and founder of Smart Aging Clinic.